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Raffi’s Auto Detailing is an innovative, customer obsessed, 

full-service detailing operation serving the greater Hudson Valley since 2015.


Customer Testimonials

"I came to Raffi's auto detailing to prep up my BMW X3 for trade in or private sale.  My car is a 2005 model and although it was garaged for the first 5 years I owned it, it was parked on the driveway for the past 5 years since I bought a 3rd car.

MY OH MY!!! After few hours of hand washing, vacuuming, buffing, waxing, and again polishing, I can say Raffi has like a Midas touch - he can turn everything he touches into gold.  He turned my 10 year old car into a newly-delivered looking car.  Raffi's attention to details and expertise transform your car into brand new look like magic! He really treats your car as if it's his car.

And guess what - I decided not to sell or trade in my car anymore.  Why trade this car and buy a new one if i already have a brand new-looking car?  Bring your car to Raffi's auto detailing and you won't regret it.  As they say, " your car is in good hands "

                                                                                                                      -ABBY F, YELP

"This guy is the real deal A ++++++++++ on detail"



"Just had my BMW done. It's looks better than when I got it from the BMW dealer. Great job"



"This guy did a great job! Great service and very polite. Will definitely be going to this guy more often."